this is klausie when he was one day old.

i volunteered to transfer, sort and burn 18 months worth of pictures (about 700) of my dad's so i could have his pictures of klaus and especially this one. he's computer-phobic, i guess. he switched back to his old-school camera because the card in his digital camera was full. i kept telling him you just plug it in and the pictures transfer, but he kept saying he didn't know how. i suppose someday klaus will think i'm a technological neanderthal too.


flashback to klaus at three months. he was so soft. this was before he figured out how to laugh out loud. his face and body would laugh, but not his voice. brian and i would tell stories about him and say "he was laughing so hard" and then remember that he was silent. sometimes it blows my mind how much he can communicate without talking. i'm pretty sure he told me a joke tonight in morse code with his toe.


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