today, just now, in the car, i was listening to yesterday's 'a prairie home companion'. i wondered why garrison keilor's reading voice makes me weep with joy, since i used to find the show so annoying. well, even when i claimed not to like the show, i always loved 'the news from lake wobegon', and when i would pick brian up from overnights at the spur, way back when, i loved listening to 'the writer's almanac', to hear a couple of poems. and that's what it is, the poems.

one night when klaus was so very new, i settled into our bed with him curled up on me. i read 'good poems' to him, one after another, me crying and him snoozing like a kitten. the way we were separated had been so distressing, and that night was one of the early reconnecting sort of home therapy sessions. now he's so big, and he spends almost all of his day wandering a little farther and doing something a little more daring than he did the day before. i'm glad he still wants to curl up with me every night and be my sleepy little baby again.



klaus said his first word today (twice!). i am very grateful to him for doing it on my lunch hour. he is so considerate. anyway, he turned and looked at brian and said "dada" . . . and then he did it again a few minutes later! it was like he wanted to prove to us that it really was intentional. i'm surprised he didn't add "boo-ya" after the second one.


klaus eats everything now. peaches, cheese, toast, green beans - the sissy version of whatever we're eating. however, this does not stop him from getting his fill of mama milk 7 or 8 times a day.


we generally let klaus roam free, but there are certain times every day when we have to put him in the play pen for safety (like when we take the doggie out). he doesn't mind though. he's very good at amusing himself.


klaus decided to stick with army crawling. the going-up-on-all-fours wasn't an attempt to crawl "correctly" - he was just working on going from his tummy to sitting up. that way, when i put him down on his tummy in his crib to go to sleep, he can pop up to sitting, smile and clap his hands. like, "see, mama? i'm not tired. i'm ready to play."



another simple little conversation. this one was told back to me a few hours later. i wasn't there. but it's just the kind of conversation i look forward to having with my klausie some day.

alex: do you like pacman?

brian: i like ms. pacman.

alex: what's ms. pacman?

brian: it's like regular pacman but pacman wears a bow.

alex: that sounds silly.

brian: yeah, i guess it is.

alex: want to know a secret?

brian: sure.

alex: i went pee in the potty.

brian: that's awesome.

alex: i know.

alex, if you're reading this, i want to tell you something. brian cannot keep a secret.



i enjoyed this brief conversation on my lunch hour today, on my way out the door to head back to work. yes, i'm at work.

him: you look like a reporter in that jacket - like a sexy reporter.

me: you mean like april o'neil?

him: i never thought she was sexy, but yeah. sort of.

not interesting, but not about the baby for once.


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