i love my boy, but fa rizzle, he used to sleep all night. now he wants to eat all night. he's a good boy and still mostly sleeps (he goes right back down after a suckle, no fussing) but i just plain don't like getting up every 2-3 hours for his snacks.

at first i thought it was teething or a growth spurt, but this phase has long outlasted those possibilities. so my next thought was, he's just not getting enough to eat during the day. he's not a fan of "real" food. we've given him all manner of delights, and he's entertained by the process of eating a few bites but that's it. finally i got him hooked on yogurt and these little puffy crackers that dissolve in his mouth. yay. the boy eats people food. but it doesn't make any difference.

is it possible he fakes hunger so i'll come and hold him? no, it's not. he's not old enough to manipulate. besides, rocking and cuddling do not cut the mustard. he's just a milk monster.



it's david sedaris day!

see how happy klaus is about that? his grandma kim is babysitting him tonight. this is a picture of klausie's first easter. no chocolate bunnies for him until next year though.

okay for real, it's david sedaris day. at extremely high risk of sounding like my 5th grade teacher, mrs. munsterteiger, i am SO JAZZED.



i've really been putting off this whole baby-proofing crap. before klaus was born, i thought all i had to do was plug in a few outlet covers and install little plastic latches to keep him out of the cupboards. believe me, he's not interested in outlets or cupboards. he wants the dog's dish, plastic bags, knitting needles, and anything dirty. he wants to grab table legs and shake them until something falls onto his head. maybe this makes my house sound messy. it might be, a little, but it's not like when you were a kid and your grandma said, "put one thing away before you take out something else." whatever we're doing, he's there. he's just waiting for us to look away so he can grab whatever it is we don't want him to have. baby-proofing would mean taking everything in our house and raising it three feet off the ground. i'd rather just pay attention to my baby!



klaus is seven months old now, and such a good little boy. i finally knit the second sock for him, but his feet are too puffy. i'll just have to knit some more. he can sit up and play for a long time, and he makes a wonderful little screech when he's playing with his toys. he will be crawling any day. i can tell because he army-crawls everywhere, and he rocks on all fours. i love to watch him shake his butt in the air.


klaus has two teeth.



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