klaus spent the weekend visiting his grandma. maya tried to show him how to play with all kinds of big-baby toys, and he snuggled with his new cousin in the making (expected to arrive in july). he also spent an hour alone with his uncle, watching the fire and learning to sit up - he's strong enough but doesn't quite have the balance. when we got home from grandma's house, it was boy-on-boy-on-boydog super happy reunion time. brian, klaus and camus were in a cuddling frenzy. also, camus is crazy over our new comforter, and he rubs himself all over it, which klaus thinks is hilarious. i love to hear my little baby laughing.



klaus is normal!

klaus has uneven creases (basically his fat rolls don't line up on his butt and thighs), which is a warning sign of a hip defect where the joint is loose. it's not a problem for babies, but it is painful and debilitating for adults and has to be corrected during babyhood. another sign of the defect is one leg seeming longer than the other. the other day, i noticed his knees and feet don't line up anymore, so i called to let the doctor know. it might sound like something that could wait until his next regular appointment, but the treatment is more effective (therefore less insane) the earlier it starts, and even a month makes a difference. anyway, i took him in for an x-ray, and he's normal! well, other than his unmatchy rolls, knees and feet. i guess that's temporary. yay!

now i just have to get my hands on those x-ray films . . .



add this to the list of stuff i didn't get pre-klaus. it's no use crying over spilled milk. why would anyone cry about that?

when i'm at work, i pump twice a day. each boob empties into its own little bottle, so i end up with four and i keep them in a cute little cooler. it's usually enough milk to make three bottles for klaus (i also come home and feed him on my lunch hour). when i get home at the end of the day, i set down all my things, including my big bag with the pump and the cooler, so i can check out my baby, feed him, talk to brian, pet the doggie, etc. so you can see how, on occassion, i forget to put the milk away. the first time this happened, it was a friday. i got up the next morning, realized what had happened, and went nuts. i was so mad at myself. i was swearing, slamming things around in the kitchen, and just basically crying my eyes out as i dumped those four little bottles of milk down the drain. later, i told brian i felt like i was dumping ounces of my own blood down the drain. okay, drama queen, but it is kind of like that. it's just that blood keeps me alive, and the milk keeps my baby alive.

i just keep making more, so who cares? i bet those little farm kids that had to get up at the butt crack of dawn to go milk bessie, and then do it again at the end of the day when they were soooo tired and just wanted to sit down, they know what i'm talking about. if they trip and fall and spill that milk, well they can just get more tomorrow, but what they went through to get it makes it worth so much. it's a big loss, that bucket of milk. but then, crying doesn't bring it back.

so, not that long ago, i knocked over a bottle of milk onto my desk. i caught it, but still spilled half of it. i'm so tough now, i didn't even bat an eye. that stupid saying is true! now if i had spilled it all over my lap, that would be another story.



okay, i've been a bad, bad lady. you people probably think klaus is still a cute little four-month-old. no! he is five months! and he has been made tough by his first cold. all that coughing. he's a tiny man now.

klaus is taking his cold like he takes everything. he just rolls with it. it came on last weekend and it's still lingering around. that's so long to him that he probably doesn't even remember life without snot. i just hope he remembers life without night-wakey. see, little babies have to eat extra when they're sick to stay hydrated. i can't complain though. it's a couple times a night, for five or ten minutes, and we're both back to sleep.

meanwhile, cold and all, i've seen a really exciting development over the past couple of weeks. klaus and camus love each other. it is soooo cute. well, i already knew camus loved klausie, but now klaus loves watching the dog run around, eat, and act silly. camus is better at making the baby laugh than i am. the best part is when the dog sniffs all over him and tickles him with his whiskers.



yesterday a girl i know told me her mom colors her dad's chest hair with just for men because she loves to run her fingers through it and hates when it's gray.

it's weird how something like chest hair can seem super hot to some people and super gross to other people.


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