watch out! giant baby wants to get you.

i stayed home yesterday, not feeling good. it was great to spend the day with brian and klaus. well, what little bit of the day i was awake. i slept all morning and took a nap for two hours in the late afternoon. brian woke me up to feed klaus when he was hungry and made me a big yummy dinner after my nap (i didn't feel like eating earlier so i just had cereal). when i was awake earlier in the day i watched an episode of little house on the prairie. at night i taped klaus in the bathtub and wrote in his baby book. even though i had so many things i needed to do, that i couldn't, being housebound was the perfect way to spend the day. today - back to normal.



um okay here's the general klaus update.

1. last night he slept 10 hours straight.

2. sometimes klaus rolls over from his back to his tummy and gets his fat legs wedged between his crib slats. it's sad.

3. supacute.

4. at his 4-month-old check up, aka well-baby visit, he had doubled his birthweight to 17lb 10oz. that is exactly the same as maya weighed at her dr appt this month. she's a year older than him.





meet brian junior. klaus loves wearing headphones. he feels naked without them.



here are a few things klaus has made me see that i hadn't really thought about much before.

1. the baby
people refer to their babies as "the baby." it's weird. you'd think they'd say "our baby," "my daughter," "little johnny" or something else like that, more personal. of course people say that stuff too, but i even catch myself, in casual conversation, calling klaus "the baby." i think it's because, to all parents, theirs is THE baby. the ultimate baby. the standard to which all other babies should be compared. yes, i also call camus "the dog," but then having a dog is a really good practice-run for parenting.

2. pride and joy
calling something or someone your "pride and joy" is so overused it's lost all impact. why would i ever take a second to consider what the phrase means? but klaus is exactly that. if i made a list of everything that gives my life meaning or makes me feel like i am worth anything, all that stuff combined gives me about one tenth of a percent of the pride i feel in the simple fact of klaus's existence. likewise, round up everything in the world that delights me - every scrap of velvet, every deep voice, every ounce of chocolate - and i'd feel nothing compared to the joy i feel when klaus wrinkles his forehead or sweeps his hand around a certain way or sighs.

3. my mom's paranoia
do you know how terrifying it is to get in a car with your baby for the first time? or to go into his room when he's been sleeping longer than he ever has before? it's not that i'm actively thinking morbid thoughts. i just realize how easily his little life could slip away from me.

p.s. tonight klaus rolled tummy-to-back for the first time ever. and the second time ever!


yes, klaus. this is how i feel about waking up, too.

klaus is four months old. he has outgrown his carseat. he has outgrown a thousand little outfits. he has outgrown falling asleep on my lap while i watch tv.

klaus is available for live viewing, in case any of you aren't sure you want babies. you do. he is so scrumptious.



yesterday i was walking through the factory right before the shift change, and all the guys were cleaning up the steel shards from their workspaces. the factory gets filled with these beautiful little curls of metal, like shiny silver rotini. it reminded me of the first time i saw them, millions of them in a steel drum. i was probably 17 or 18. my dad was telling me not to touch them, because they're super sharp and they'll cut no matter how i try to pick them up. they'll just go right into my skin. i remember wondering if he knew that from experience, because he's always trying to get me to know things without going through the pain of learning for myself.


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