it's new year's eve. you know what that means.

five things i liked about 2005:

5. i turned in my two final papers for my "incomplete" courses and actually really truly finished school.
4. pregnancy was awesome.
3. we went on a nightmare trip to london, but parts of it were really great.
2. i got a sweet job offer (from my current employer) and i took it. i start in a week.
1. i calved a klaus.

six resolutions for 2006:

6. read more
5. sew more
4. watch less tv
3. get rid of junk
2. call (or actually see) my friends
1. get healthy enough to spawn a sibling for klaus

basically i think from this list i will probably follow through with, um . . . okay it would be really easy to read more, because i barely read anything this year. crap that's not true. i read like crazy about baby stuff while i was pregnant. well, it would be easy to sew more. i could just do it once a month and that would be an improvement. i'll probably do that. i will absolutely watch less tv, because i just have less time for it now. i will call my friends. get healthy? well i suppose i'm healthy enough right now to get pregnant, but i should stop eating so much junk food and drinking so much pop and maybe get off my ass once in a while. like right now, to watch march of the penguins and eat celebratory cheese ball. happy new year!


yeah, i'm negligent. here's a parade of klaus pictures from the past several weeks.



so cute.

the other night, klaus discovered his feet. he was in the bathtub. for some reason, in the tub, he likes to fling his arms way out to either side and flex at the middle so his legs are in the air. in that pose, his feet are pretty close to his face. he saw his right foot, apparently for the first time, and just stared at it while he curled and uncurled his toes. then he grabbed it with his left hand and tried to pull it to his mouth! he's so wonderful.



when i was pregnant, i used to say, "i can't believe i'm going to be someone's mom." even though i had fantasized about parenthood for a long time, it seemed so strange that is was going to be real - that someone would be calling me "mom" for the rest of my life.

now i guess i'm still saying the same thing. just about every day, i look into klaus's little round face while he's sleeping in my arms and tell him, "i can't believe you're my son." i used to think i knew what it meant to be in love and to be so deeply connected to someone that i would die without him. sorry, wonderful husband of mine, but i had no idea.


i'm taking my two special guys to cedar rapids tomorrow. (my third special guy will be at the kennel.) i have some training stuff for work and i just couldn't stand the thought of being away from my little bundle for two nights. plus, the whole boob milk situation would be complicated. so we're all going. honestly, i'm a little jealous that brian and klaus get to spend two days watching cable from a king size bed. right now, that's my dream vacation.


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