his feet await your smooches.

tonight i feast on carrots. i get heaps of carrots with my wic vouchers. i wonder why nursing moms need carrots. i didn't get them during pregnancy.

right at this moment my baby is trying to cram a burp cloth into his mouth. i must deal with this.



i can't bring myself to include a picture of my boy in this post.

i was at target, shopping for totally normal items, when i saw the most bizarre product. feminine wipes. as opposed to masculine wipes? i'm so perplexed by this whole concept. i thought flushable adult butt-wipes were strange enough, but "feminine" wipes . . . it's just too much. what kind of ladyhell do you have to go through to believe you need this product?



i'm always trying to remember things about when klaus was born. i have a lot of little 10-second pieces of it, but overall i don't remember much of what happened after i got drugs. i basically slept through the second half of labor. anyway, i've known the whole time that my mom videotaped a couple minutes of us together the night he was born - technically the next morning, like 3 hours later, when i first got to touch him. i knew this video existed, but i haven't watched it. i don't know why. i think i knew that i was miserable. i was really pissed that it took so long for them to bring my baby. i would have screamed for him if i had the energy. by the time i got to see him i was so exhausted and so mad, i guess i only wanted to remember the nice parts. well i watched it this morning. she taped a lot more than i realized! it was really great to hear his little newborn cry again. she taped him nursing, and you can see his little cheeks working super hard. she also taped when we first brought him home. brian had decorated the livingroom with streamers and balloons and a big welcome home sign. i had kind of forgotten about that. i look at him now and can't believe he was so tiny, only 11 weeks ago. i wish i had a video of his birth since i wasn't allowed to look (my mom did), but i'm really glad i have at least a few minutes documenting our first real encounter outside my belly.



holy huge baby, batman! oh that reminds me, i watched batman begins a few weeks ago, and i totally loved it. anyway, back to the big boy. at 2 1/2 months, klaus is the size of the average 4-month-old. that's right. he's in the 95th percentile for height and the - oops! we can't give you a number, he's off the chart for weight. he weighs 14 lb 13 oz and is two feet tall exactly. he has one leg fatter than the other.

he was very good during his appointment. he got three shots in his roly-poly thighs, but he stopped crying as soon as i put him on the boob. he just loves food! he fussed a little last night, so we got in the tub and he loved it. he smiled the whole time. then he slept for 9 hours (actually he's still sleeping). i'm not bragging. i'm just recording all of this so that if i ever wonder, was he really a perfect baby or was i exaggerating, i can look back and see, yes, he was perfect.



it's a very exciting day! today klaus will be weighed and measured and examined and injected with vaccines. i can't wait.



can you stand it, how sweet he is?!

klaus is visiting his cousin maya this weekend. she loves babies. being one year old, maya is both a baby and a toddler. i love having so much access to a baby one year older than mine, so i can always say "by this time next year, he'll be doing that!" i can't wait to see what little maya is up to today.



every day i hope klaus doesn't make the sad face, because it's so heartbreaking to see his chin quiver, but every day i hope he does, because it's just so funny and cute.



i put my baby in his crib at 10:15 and got him up when my alarm went off at 6 a.m. he slept the whole time! i love him.



if anyone can figure out what is happening in this picture, i will let you snuggle my baby.

klaus rules!



am i a bad mother because i haven't sent out birth announcements yet? on the one hand, i'm thinking "what's the point, everyone already knows." on the other hand, i'm thinking "klaus is going to see that blank page in his baby book and say 'see! i have proof! you really are a horrible mother.'" birth announcements are, like, super important . . . according to magazines. i've only received one ever in my life and it was from my brother and sister-in-law. do people even bother with them anymore? should i do it or not?



klaus is yelling because he can't believe what dorks i work with. i was walking down the hall with my big old black bag/case thing - my boob pump - and the guy walking down the hall behind me was like "hi marisa" and i was like "hi" and he was like "what are you doing?" which is a dumb question anyway because i'm at work, so in general i'm working, and i was like "i'm going to make bottles for klaus" . . . nice euphemism, huh? so i suppose i deserved his weird response, which was "oh, that sounds like fun." it's not torture, but it seems so creepy to call it fun.

then however many minutes later, i walked out of the bathroom (yes, i prepare my baby's lunch in the bathroom, isn't that gross?) and another guy was like "oh, what's that bag?" and i said "it's my pump" and he got all "i don't want to hear about it." well, why would you ask someone what their freaking bag is?! he deserved his embarrassment.

klaus is also pist that my dad quit parking next to me in favor of parking illegally in the handicap spot.


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