well, we survived our first days of separation. i went back to work thursday! of course i came home for lunch, and then friday i had him with me in the morning because we went to la leche league, but we were separated for three 4-hour stretches. it was okay though. i don't want to say i didn't miss him, but i wasn't sitting at work wishing i could go home. i was just really happy to see him when i finally got to.

here he is, all content in his bouncer with a big, full tummy. he calls it pig out and pass out. i mean, he would if he could talk.



this is how klaus yawns.

yes, he lives in this chair. he is wearing little rattles on his hands, and he was swinging them all over in the air, boxing. apparently it was exhausting.


this is how klausie smiles.

on sunday klaus had his first (and second!) bottle. i spent the afternoon at my grandma's birthday party. it was a girl party, so i left klaus with brian. the old ladies were pissed and told me i was a bad mother because i didn't even bring any pictures. at least lindsey was there and had a picture on her camera. anyway, everyone else was all concerned that klaus wouldn't take a bottle, because some babies won't, but brian and i knew he would. he's such a hungry hippo. brian said he just stared into his eyes and sucked it down. i suppose cold milk is like a little ice cream treat after having the same old boring warm milk 8-10 times a day for your whole life.



last night, klaus had his first real bath. he loved it! i know he seems old for a first bath, but his cord stump just did not want to fall off. it finally did. the days of sponge baths are over forever. well, for klaus anyway. now i will do my best to enjoy my last week at home with my delightful little bundle. i love how his tummy looks like a big balloon.



klaus is a little traveller now. we spent last weekend in chicago (or really a suburb of chicago) for a wedding. brian suggested we go straight to the hotel and only leave it for the wedding. that was awesome. we got there, got in bed and watched cartoons. oh yeah, and we ordered pizza.

klaus was perfect at the wedding - he slept through the ceremony and then was very obliging with all the "it's a baby!" half-drunk women (and a few men). his favorite part was the dance of course. he loves noise and he loved watching the belly dancer.

the bride and groom were dani gallet and mazen ghalayini. brian calls the gallet girls his sisters. they're not, of course, but the gallets are so welcoming and so much fun, i can understand why anyone would want to adopt them. i just hope klausie never wants to leave us for the gallets or the new ghalayinis.



well i just don't understand how a baby can be upset in stiped velour pants. and they're footey pants.


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