the stats, for ann marie and anyone else interested:

at birth, klaus weighed 8 lb 13.5 oz. they said he would have weighed 9 lb but he pooped and peed on arrival, before they could weigh him. he was 20.5 inches long, and his head was 14 inches around. normal is 12 to 13 inches around - they said that's why he couldn't be born normally, and that his shoulders would have been stuck for sure.

at his two week check-up (this is the outfit he wore, in the picture), he had gained a pound and grew 3/4" longer and 3/4" bigger around the noggin.

i guess i never told anything about his birthday! i didn't realize, because i had been emailing it and telling people on the phone. i went in wednesday at 6pm (sept 7) to get this gel stuff to get my cervix ready. they hooked me up to monitors for four hours, and finally told me to just go to sleep. i was having too many contractions and they couldn't give me the gel. see, the induction doesn't work very well unless your body is pretty much ready to go into labor anyway. mine wasn't, because klaus's head wasn't low enough in my belly to help my cervix thin out, which has to happen before dilation. so the next morning we started the pitocin iv, which causes contractions, around 6:30 or 7.

my doctor came about 8:30. i was dilated to 2 cm and 50% effaced (thinned out). she broke my water, and the contractions started coming on pretty strong. it helped to move around a lot - walk around the room, lean over the bed, etc - and look brian in the eyes during contractions. it was more uncomfortable and disorienting than painful, until i had to sit still. the monitors weren't working very well, so they asked me to stay in the rocking chair i was sitting in. i really wanted to get in the shower because i thought the heat would help my back labor. it was 1:15 and i remember thinking, okay, i can get up at 1:30. i was still sitting there at 2:30 and they were talking about using an internal monitor, which would mean spending the rest of my labor in bed. i was only dilated to 4 cm - that's 2 cm in 6 hours. i'm supposed to be progressing more like 1 cm per hour.

i asked for stadol then so i could sleep if i had to be in bed. at first i was totally out, but as it wore off, i'd wake up for each contraction and they were a lot harder to deal with all doped up like that. the baby's head still wasn't moving down, and it was swelling from the pressure. my doctor suggested an epidural because she thought i was involuntarily pushing, and if i couldn't feel the contractions i wouldn't push. i wanted to wait and see if i'd dilate more, but the anesthesiologist had to leave soon so i said okay do it now. he tried to put it in a few times (this is the thing in the spinal fluid) but it wasn't working. i yelled every time he fucked it up, not because i was pissed, just because it surprised me to feel a pain shoot down my leg or whatever. he had to leave and come back later (they knocked me out again in the mean time) and i don't even remember him actually getting it set up, but he did.

after that i was really excited that i could still walk around and stuff, because i thought i would have no feeling at all. they just gave me a minidose at first i guess. but the situation still was, baby wasn't moving down and i wasn't dilating. my doctor was gone and i was in the hands of the on-call doctor, whom i had already met and liked and trusted so it wasn't a big deal. he asked, how big is this baby anyway? he seemed really pissed that nobody had kept an eye on the size of the baby, since i was two weeks overdue, but it wouldn't have mattered. if my doctor took measurements and said she thought the baby was too big, i still would have wanted to try a normal birth. anyway, he ordered an ultrasound around 7:30. brian was watching the season premiere of the o.c. but i don't really remember that. the ultrasound said the baby was 8 lb 11 oz but could be off by a pound in either direction. dr sebastian said if we had an 8 lb baby it would be no problem, but if it was 9 lb it wasn't going to work. he said we could do a c-section then and get it over with, or wait a couple hours and see if i progress more. i said wait. they cranked up the drugs (both the anesthesia and the pitocin, so i was having mega contractions but couldn't feel them). at 10 p.m. i was just shy of 5 cm - no real progress. that's when we decided to just go for it.

i don't really remember getting ready for surgery because i was so tired. i had said in my birth plan that i wanted general anesthesia for a c-section because i thought it would freak me out too much, but when the time came to do it i didn't care. i didn't think labor was that bad, but i also thought it was heavy enough that if i could deal with it, i could deal with surgery. my mom got all covered up in a blue outfit and mask and hat. brian waited at the nursery so he could be with the baby right away and see all the stuff they did to him. the surgery was awesome. it felt really strange, and when they pulled klaus out of my belly, i could feel my lower back lifting off the table. he was born at 11:06 p.m. and came out yelling. they held him up for me to see right away, then cleaned him up and wrapped him up and brought him over for me to look at. i couldn't touch him but i got to kiss his little face. i thought he was perfect in every way, right from the beginning. that's about it.


klaus isn't a very fussy baby, but when he fusses, he knows what he wants. he wants to dance. if he is only mildly irritated, he'll take justin timberlake or fisherspooner. but if we don't act fast enough and he gets really pissed, he wants jay-z, the black album, and will accept no substitutes.

this picture was taken thursday, klaus at two weeks old.



klaus is such a big, sweet bundle. at his doctor appointment i found out he gained a whole pound and grew 3/4" longer. his head also got 3/4" bigger around, which seems really weird to me, but i suppose that little brain is growing every day.

i took this picture earlier this week, so maybe he was 10 days old. i don't know. his face is not dirty - he has peachfuzz sideburns.



picture of the day - this is klaus six days old (a week ago).

my mom is visiting today and we're taking the pretty baby out and about all afternoon. i love showing him off. i'm really excited for his doctor appointment tomorrow so i can know how much he weighs!



we have a baby!

i've been in baby world since september 8th. if i'm not busy feeding or changing him, it's pretty hard to do anything other than stare at him. oh yeah, i still get to eat and sleep, so that takes up a lot of time too.

his name is klaus porter ring. he's perfect.



if they're not lying to me, we really are going to have a baby. we go in tonight, sleep over, and they'll start an iv in the morning to get contractions going. from what i've heard, it just goes right into serious labor - no warm-up, 10-minutes-apart stuff. we're getting right down to business. my doctor did warn me though that it could take up to 24 hours, so i guess technically we might have a baby friday. i can't wait to post pictures when the nose is no longer smooshed by my belly!



this is my baby totally out of room - look at that smooshed nose! the messy stuff at the bottom is a hand trying to get in the mouth. Posted by Picasa


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