hmm . . . i guess i'm not having an august baby after all. i have a dr appointment tomorrow, and we'll set the induction date. i think the latest i can pick is september 8, two weeks late, but i'm not sure what days my doctor will be available to do it. i'm excited to know that even if i don't go into labor sometime this week, the baby will still be here by that day for sure.

even more exciting than that: between now and whatever date we choose, so probably tomorrow, we'll have testing to make sure the baby's doing okay in there (check that the placenta is still doing its job and there's enough fluid, etc). that probably means an ultrasound, right? i hope so. i like to spy on my baby.



this is what my belly looks like today, at 40 weeks plus a smidge extra.

i never really got morning sickness. i felt queasy for a couple months, and got really picky about what i would eat, but i never had to run to the bathroom to puke. the only times i puked were when brushing my teeth (2 or 3 times) and only when i skipped supper the night before, so there really wasn't anything in my stomach - it was mostly gagging and wretching. anyway, i was brushing my teeth this morning and i puked for real. i ate supper twice last night.




it's my due date! i'm ready. and i'm sick of people being like, let that baby out. fuck you, okay. it's not like i'm withholding a poop here. i'm not in control of when the baby is born.

on the other hand, i like when people call to check on me. i know it's because you're excited for baby time, and so am i, so keep calling. i'm sorry i do not return your phone calls. i forget.

oh, but if you're calling to say TAKE THE DRUGS, don't call. i'm so sick of it. i don't bring it up - i didn't ask for advice and i don't go around telling people my opinion about it, so why the hell do people want to keep saying TAKE THE DRUGS?! and why men? what do they know about it? and the only women who say it either don't have kids, or never did it without drugs. the women who did it without drugs are always like, "it was the greatest day of my life" and "you can totally do it" and stuff. so everyone else can shut up.

yeah, i know i sound angry, but i'm actually totally happy. violently happy.



i was reading articles on this baby website i'm constantly on, and i read one on the "essentials" you need for the first few weeks (as if my house isn't overflowing with enough stuff for 10 babies). the article sucked because, like, anyone could figure out you're gonna need diapers. you're gonna need clothes. it was the most basic stuff like that. so i started reading the comments after the article, to see what people really couldn't live without. that was a lot more fun, but i get annoyed with the way people talk about unrelated stuff in the comments on this website. people will ask insane questions they should be calling their doctors about immediately. or, okay, some of the questions aren't emergency health concerns, but it's stuff they could easily find out about in another article on the same freaking website. anyway tonight (um this morning or whatever) i saw one i really liked even though it was terribly off-topic:

baby look like a biutiful wild flower when born

i would way rather have that lady be my mom than this lady:

my baby's head is only 30cm. Anyone else's child that small

or this one:

Is eating to many pickles a high blood pressure risk while in second trimester?

or this one:

i have a 180lb lab / mastif mix (conan) and he is my baby. i rescued him 2 years ago from an abusive home and the poor thing has sever brain damage, and trust issues. he and i took to each other almost imediatly but it took 3 months for my husband to be able to approach him. now Conan has become so protective of me that he doesn't let people he doesn't know come near me. he has never really bit anyone but is very clumsy and thinks he is still a 'small' puppy. i'm worried that he will hurt the baby accidently. Conan does everything short of comeing to work with me. he sleeps with me (my husband works nights) and is never gone from my side for more then 10 mins at a time while i am home. is there anyone out there who has expirance with special needs pets who might have an idea on how to introduce this new family member to him with out making him jealous of the mommy time he will be loosing? oh yeah and i am having a home birth.....my brother has planns to 'walk' conan through most of it and take him to the local dog park to play but then when he comes home mommy will have a new baby....my husband wants to find him a new home but i can't part with him.... he has been my companion for two years and i love him to death....so please any suggestions would be greatly appreciated

that same weirdo also went on forever about how uncomfortable the military's maternity gear is and how she has to, pardon her pun, go commando because she can't stand the pressure of underwear on her belly. at least her dog has "never really" bitten - do you think that means he tried and failed?

i swear, these were all on the first page of comments about the article on newborn essentials.



hmm . . . i guess i've been a little preoccupied.

two weeks left until my due date - so the baby could come any time or not for what seems like a long time, but for sure less than a month. i look like a wood tick. not a normal one, but one you find way later on your dog, fully inflated. can't. move.


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