waiting is not my special skill. my parents are coming up this weekend so brian & john can paint the baby's room while my mom and i do something non-toxic. i've been pretty patient about getting the room ready, since i didn't really have anything to put in there anyway, but the last few weeks i've been going crazy. everybody gave us all these really sweet tiny baby things at the showers, and i want to put the clothes away in the dresser and closet, and i want to look at everything and play with everything, and i want to sit in my glider (which is still in the box). now that i get to do it in less than a week, i'm going extra mental. the last straw - i came home from work last night and found a crib on my front porch. now i have everything i need to get my nursery set up except the room. oh yeah, and the baby. but that part i can wait for.



when my family moved from duluth to wayzata, one of my mom's first priorities was to get me into piano lessons with the lauritzens. evelyn started out little kids and beginners (she also taught organ and voice). adrian taught adult/advanced in the basement. i was in first grade when i started, and i never called them anything other than mrs. lauritzen and dr. lauritzen.

they lived in a little house in plymouth, with a big fir tree in the front yard and hostas lining the sidewalk that curved up the hill to the front door from their basement-level driveway. the entryway had gold foil wallpaper with a royal blue flocked floral pattern on it, which i thought was really velvety and beautiful. evelyn had the livingroom set up with cute old furniture, a lava lamp, and a bunch of kids joke books and stuff you could look at for a few minutes while waiting for your ride (or a half hour if your mom was super late like mine). she had a piano and an organ right next to each other, and you had to play the organ at christmastime even if you didn't want to. we also had recitals every spring, like it or not. if the phone rang during lessons, she answered and took a message (for adrian or herself), or paged adrian on an intercom if it was really important.

evelyn wanted me to switch to adrian in seventh grade, but i was scared to, so i waited an extra year, and only had lessons from him for eighth and ninth grade. his basement had two pianos, built in bookcases full of classics, and a terrarium. as soon as i started lessons with him, i wished i had switched sooner. adrian talked about music in a really emotional and dramatic and joyful way, and he picked better songs than evelyn did (classical only, for both of them). he was fifteen years older than evelyn, who was the same age as my grandma. adrian had taught both my mom and my grandma, and he sang at my grandparents' wedding. he used old expressions that i didn't get and he'd explain them to me, like "and how!"

i got an email from my mom last night that adrian died monday. he was 97.



i expected brian to get freaked out by our classes, but not me. oh boy was i wrong.

i had decided right away that i want a normal, no-drug birth, so that's all i've been reading about - i'm not prepared for anything else. watching the videos of epidurals and c-sections - holy shit. it was terrifying! at least it reassured me that, yeah, i still don't want drugs.



this is my belly, with 8-12 weeks to go. it looks bigger in real life, i swear! Posted by Hello



brian and i started our baby-havin' classes on monday night. it was really fun but not so educational. they assume you know absolutely nothing, and i've been reading obsessively for six months. not that i didn't learn anything - it's possible baby bubble may be dreaming in there. now that's something that never crossed my mind.

tonight we get to watch a birth video. i'm really excited, but since this is the high point of the class for me, i don't know whether i'll look forward to the other four sessions. oh who am i kidding. i get to indulge my baby obsession with other baby-obsessed people. and if i get to class early, i get to peek in the nursery!



my dog went swimming! we were at my dad's house. camus was playing with a bunch of other dogs that all run around and play along the lake, and he ran right off the end of a dock. he's so cute.

i do not have gestational diabetes! it's something they test everyone for. you have to not eat, and then drink a magic potion that's like thick sprite (i guess they also have orange but i didn't get to pick), and then wait an hour. then they check your blood, and i won. then i ate a big piece of chocolate cake. man, i wish i had some cake right now.


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