i had so much fun that i'm not ready for everything to go back to normal.

saturday i drove over to brainerd to visit some friends (three sisters) and their parents and new families (two husbands and a baby). pat had warned me there weren't a lot of places to stop on the way, but she told me she always stops at this cute little rest area. i have to pee at least every hour, so when i was coming into tamarack and saw a "wayside rest area ahead" sign, i was really happy because i thought that was it. it was a playground with two little red homemade pee shacks. i didn't stop there. i was so grossed out, like, i can't believe pat pees here on a regular basis. oh yeah, there were gas stations but i was scared of them. then i saw the same sign right as i was getting to mcgregor, and that one was cute and i knew it was the right one. even though it was still kind of gross and there was no sink, i thought, oh well there isn't anywhere else to pee. except about 1/4 mile later there was a normal gas station! not scary at all. i considered stopping there to wash my hands but i was off to a late start already so i didn't. on the way out there i saw llamas and a pretty black chicken, and i saw the llamas again on my way home.

sunday was a normal one. cleaning, errands & laziness, but it was really nice to spend the day with brian after he had been busy all week (we barely saw each other).

yesterday i slept until 10, which is freakish for me. i normally can't sleep past 7 or maybe 7:30. then we took the puppy to jay cooke and found out he's a really good little climber. he loved th├ąt. i weed wacked while brian finished the laundry, and then we made pizza. i don't want to go back to work! at least it's a short week.



i have a new sleep problem. i can only make it about six hours without EATING! i wake up hungry and can't go back to sleep until i eat. now that i've figured it out, all i have to do is make my snack ahead of time and leave it next to my bed (so i don't have to go downstairs and get even more awake). pb&j is doing the trick so far, but does anyone else have a good midnight snack idea that doesn't have to be refrigerated?



our neighbors freak me out a little. sunday our neighbor on one side asked if we wanted him to mow our lawn when he did his (which he didn't end up doing until today). brian was like, thanks but i have to pick up the dog crap. (you know, it's been raining. no one wants to pick up mushy poop.) eddie was like, i just mow right over it. brian was like thanks for the offer man, but i'll take care of it.

then yesterday, apparently our neighbors on the other side said something about it to brian - like they can talk! they were just mowing theirs, right then, so i don't think they can act like they're keeping their crap tidy and we're not. plus they leave toys and other junk outside. so, yeah.

anyway, brian and his allergies mowed the lawn today. he's so dreamy.



oh man, i forgot my whole reason for posting this morning. i was a little out of it.

so for over a month, brian has been saying we have to get george michael's faith. i don't know where that came from, but i thought it was a really good idea and we finally did last night. it rules. it really reminded me of being on the swings at my elementary school, and the mean rich girls, and making those molded bird feeders out of glue and bird seed. (is the glue really safe for birds?) anyway, it's not like i love it in a kitschy way - it's truly amazing. i got a little freaked out when brian said it's like nine inch nails, but he's right - the downward spiral is exactly like faith but remade with heavier, scary sounds. that's it. and closer is a direct rip-off of i want your sex, only not even as good! because when trent is all screaming i wanna *vacuum* like an animal, it's like, yeah okay whatever trent. it's so unconvincing. compare that with george michael being all dreamy like, i want your [insert foxy breathing here] sex, it's way hotter. yeah, there is nothing hot about nine inch nails.

today i'm only working 1/2 day and then hanging out with my mom. we're going piano shopping, lunching, baby doctoring, and regular shopping. if i have any baby news, i'll update tonight. my little bundle is getting close to two pounds now (could even be two whole pounds!) and today was the first time it kicked hard enough to wake me up. that was awesome.

so i realized i'm a really bad hostess. scott and nick were kind enough to come over for dinner, and i didn't notice until after they left that scott ended up with the broken chair. mean!

sunday we're going to kylie mae's first birthday party. i don't know what a one-year-old would like for her birthday . . .



guess who came back - my cormorant! i saw him on my way home for lunch, so i got my camera. he wasn't there when i got back, but maybe i'll get him tonight. yay!



what should i do with my graduation outfit? right now it's wadded up on a little table right inside the front door, and i need that table clear for other junk. i'll keep my ugly tassel, but i don't think i have any use for the cap & gown - any ideas besides goodwill? something crafty perhaps?



i love all the animals around here - i would be so depressed if i had to live somewhere without them. we have cute little birds and bunnies by our house, and i'm sure there are deer nearby. i have seen beavers three times (today, yesterday, and last year i saw a baby & mommy!) playing next to the highway between 27th & 40th. down by work (connor's point) we have herons, ducks, eagles, and of course a million geese. my dad has seen owls down here too. my favorite bird on connor's point is this really sweet little yellow warbler. he always plays in the chain-link fence that separates our parking lot from the brush along the water. i'm really sad because i haven't seen him yet this year. i also haven't seen our cormorant, but i'm not giving up hope - as soon as the water goes down enough to expose the rock he fishes from, he'll be back.

yesterday i picked up my cap and gown and tassel for commencement this weekend. i was going to put it on and run around the house, but laziness overtook me. i'm just not that excited - for one thing, i'm done with all my classes but i still have to do two papers (stop saying i told you so, nick!). also, i only got 4 tickets. at first that seemed like more than i could use, but i was wrong. i didn't even want to do it, but brian and my mom really wanted me to, so obviously they get to go. then since my mom and stepdad are driving up together from the cities, of course john should go. then there's my dad and oops! out of tickets. i don't know why anyone would want to sit in the decc for three hours waiting for my belly to get a fake diploma or whatever this ceremony entails, but apparently i'm wrong - i had to reject a bunch of people. now i'm questioning whether i was right to talk my mom down from an open house to dinner with the fam (including the rejected people). i just didn't think it would be nice to invite my entire extended family to an event that basically exists so they can give me money when my only motivation for enduring this crap in the first place is so i can bust out this cute black maternity dress i may not have another chance to wear.



this is the rug, only it's a little brighter in real life. it's also GIANT. Posted by Hello

i love ikea!

my mom & maya came with us. i found out that babies who shop almost every day really like shopping. i suppose it's like going for a walk, only inside and in an uncomfortable cart instead of a comfy stroller. not that i remember what it's like to sit in a stroller. i do remember sitting in carts. even though they're not comfy, i begged to sit in the cart until i was like 10. my favorite were the really tall carts (at lund's or byerly's i think) where i could sit in the underneath part. oh, okay, back to ikea. the main things were got were a rug and a cabinet with a changing table we can take off later. brian picked out this really fun mesh tube that hangs down from the ceiling - it has compartments all the way down for toys or whatever. it's blue and really cute. he says when it's full of stuffed animals we'll know we have too many. oh yeah, we got one of those too - a very soft orange and gray owl. and a package of 10 finger puppets. and some other stuff.

brian has been working really hard on getting the baby room ready. yesterday he ripped down the ill-fitting molding (there was like a 1/4" gap between it and the ceiling all the way around the room, and it's ugly). he's also scraping paint and fixing the cracks in the plaster so we can paint. when the other people painted, they just slapped it on everywhere - they dripped on the floor, painted over the hinges on the door, didn't tape off the windows, painted over the beautiful old metal grates on the heating vents . . . why bother?! i don't understand why they painted at all. it couldn't have been an improvement. so anyway, he's getting it ready so we can make it pretty. it's going to be blue and yellow and bright and fun. then when people are like "you should find out the gender so you can decorate" i can whip out a picture of our sweet nursery and be like "boo-yah!" you know what i'm trying to say? like ritchie guns aka ryan vanslooten always used to say.



brian moping Posted by Hello


here's maya being friendly with her fetal cousin (and putting a finger in my belly button) a few weeks ago. Posted by Hello


this is my cute dog hiding in the drum.  Posted by Hello


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this is my first day in maternity clothes, almost two months ago.



i'm really looking forward to this weekend, but i just realized how not fun it would sound to someone else. here's what i think the plan is. drive down to mom's saturday morning. help mom babysit maya, not that she needs help. this is just for fun. go to ikea for nursery stuff. sleep. then sunday morning is the really big excitement: go to target & babies-r-us with mom, amy & maya to udpate my baby registry while justin shows brian how to tile the bathroom. justin's bathroom, not ours. maybe we'll even have time to shop for maternity clothes, which would delight me - i need bigger undies. am i super lame?

okay p.s. i got over my tuna craving by making fake tuna salad with this canned gluten-based fake meat called SKALLOPS. mmm. it was the veganaise i was craving, not the tuna. i'm over chicken salad now, too.



how much can you eat in one day without eating a meal?

yesterday i ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, deviled eggs, pickles, a bowl of cereal, popcorn, half a snickers (okay half a king size snickers), and tortilla-cream cheese roll-up things. and i did absolutely nothing. it was sick.


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