we had another ultrasound friday, and my baby is excellent! we got to see the spine, stomach, heart, kidneys, bladder (because they like to swallow amniotic fluid and pee it out . . . and swallow it again), and a lot of squirming and kicking and cuteness. oh, and a little nose and mouth, fingers, toes, all that stuff. they measured the baby's head and belly and length of arms and legs. the heartbeat is 138 bpm and baby is about 11 inches long and 1 lb 1 oz.

we also had a really good weekend. justin, amy & maya came up and everybody spent saturday afternoon at my grandma's house. we had a big lunch and walked in the woods.

my mom gets home tomorrow from her trip to england & scotland. it seems like she's been gone for a really long time. even though we email every day, i really miss talking to her on the phone. plus i can't wait to see what kind of shopping she did over there.



on my way home, i pass a busy alley where people are always trying to turn left, 1/2 block before a stoplight. i paused to let this old guy out of the alley today, and then pulled up behind him at the red light. i noticed a few things other than that he was an old guy in an old guy car. here they are, in the order i saw them:

1. three patches with masonic symbols on them, inside a plastic page protector, taped up in one corner of his back window. they were bright colors and reminded me of hockey patches

2. a prism hanging from his rear-view mirror. like, my name is sage and i'm into healing with crystals, or something

3. a cowboy hat in the back window (on the little platform behind the back seat)

4. one of those yellow 'support our troops' magnetic ribbon things

the combination is just too much for me. what does it mean?!

i haven't had cravings for weird food, but when i want a certain food, nothing else will do the trick. sunday i woke up hungry for jalapeno poppers. i finally got them sunday night, and even though they really didn't taste very good, they were all i needed. it didn't matter that i had a delicious lunch sunday - because it wasn't jalapeno poppers. this morning i thought nacho cheesier doritos might get me through my desperate need for an enchilada. no such luck. i ate the enchilada just now, and i am in heaven.

some of the unending cravings i'm stuck with are tuna, a fast-food fish sandwich, a fast-food chicken sandwich, chicken salad, pastrami (a life-long craving), and corn beef hash. i'm most grossed-out by the sandwiches. i mean, i actually want the tasteless bun, the limp lettuce, the nasty mayo, and of course the fish/chicken patty itself. how could i? and i'm very perplexed by the corn beef hash. (is it corn beef or corned beef?) i can't even remember what that tastes like or any occasion when i've eaten it. i mean, i know it's salty. that's all. i've also only had chicken salad once or twice and didn't like it, but maybe because it was on a croissant at a college cafeteria. i've always enjoyed tuna (sandwich or salad, not casserole) and pastrami (hot or cold sandwich, delighful in any form), so those aren't that weird. but i can't bring myself to eat them now, so i'll have to keep lusting after them.



i'm really obsessed with nanny 911. it's my favorite show. i love how, every time, the parents think they have bad kids and the nanny will fix them. seriously, have you not seen the previous episodes? it's always the parents! i love when they get all pissed off and are like, you can't come into my home and tell me how to raise my children. now i get to look forward to the next level of 911 action - marriage 911! yippee!

girl scout cookies! i'm eating them by the dozen! mmm! oh, wait. these aren't very good. what's the big deal about girl scout cookies, anyway?

i'm going to try to knit a hat tonight. i've never done it before. i tried it the other night, but i didn't have a good ratio for decreasing, so the shape was wrong. it was like half a hat. i learned a better trick this time. i think it will work.

i get to look inside my belly friday and i can't wait!



oh god

as soon as this page loaded i started typing, glazed eyes staring out the window, 'please ship today.' pat is out with DIVERTICULITUS and it's been busy.

anyway, that's not the point. the point is, i was nearly hassled by a security guard at the holiday center. yesterday brian and i were both going to be downtown at the same time, and the holiday center was the half-way point between where he was and where i was, so we met at the greenery for lunch. it was delicious, so stop mocking me. anyway, i got there and the bathroom was closed for cleaning. i went upstairs to find another one, and as i got to the top of the escalator, a security guard walked up to a couple and another guy who were talking to tell them to 'move along' because there's no loitering allowed. i mean, these were grown-ups out shopping or getting lunch or whatever, not dirty kids picking their noses. anyway, i couldn't find another bathroom so i went back downstairs, got a reader, and sat at a table to wait for brian. i waited for about ten minutes, without getting anything to eat because i'm lazy like that, and brian got there just in time to save me from the security guard. he was making his way over to me, i'm sure to tell me i couldn't sit there anymore. isn't there something else to do besides chase people away?

maybe he should go do a study of the parking patterns of canal park workers. really, there was this crazy letter to the editor yesterday about how the employees at red lobster, for example, leave their cars in the parking lot all damn day, and the workers in canal park should really consider parking 'off-site' (wherever the hell that may be) and taking the bus. um. the red lobster parking lot is NEVER FULL because red lobster is gross.



we're having little puppy problems. camus likes to scratch a lot. he scratches until he gets cuts, usually on his ears, but now he's going super crazy with the scratching, everywhere! luckily he doesn't have mites or any other critters living in his skin (that would be so grody), but he's allergic to something and right now he's got an infection where he scratched too much in his armpit. what? dogs don't have armpits because they don't have arms? well, it's not a legpit. the infection makes him extra itchy and red all over. i get to feed him pills and give him a baths with antihistamine shampoo. i enjoy being the minivet, but i don't like him feeling all itchy and i hate leaving him home when he looks so bummed out. i want to scratch for him, because my nails don't cut him, and then his back leg gets a break from all that work. poor little puppy. p.s. he weighs 18 pounds now.



i had my teeth cleaned yesterday, and i feel fabulous. it's like a manicure! i'm not even upset about the minicavity i have to get filled. plus i got a new toothbrush. i heard that some dentists don't give out toothbrushes - what the hell? i'm glad i picked one that does. it's the first time i've gone to the dentist in duluth and i kind of feel like i cheated on dr bartsch, but dr balach is basically the same person but with white hair instead of gray.

after that i went to the car wash. i usually get the free car wash with oil change, where they drive your car through for you and clean the inside (or really i usually just don't wash my car) but i needed a quick, cheap car wash so i went to the spur on 27th ave w (i love their orange doughnuts). i've never driven through a car wash before. i mean, i've been in the car with someone else driving plenty of times, but i've never done it myself. i was kind of nervous about it because, you know, i suck. like, my depth perception is out of whack or something. anyway, when i drove up to the box to punch in my code, i scraped my mirror against it. off to a good start. but once i drove in there, i could see i had plenty of room so i wasn't worried anymore. then the little light-up sign told me to stop, which i did of course, but when the washer brush things started moving back toward me, i was sure my car was rolling forward. and then when i was sure my car wasn't moving, i couldn't stop laughing! i hope they don't have security cameras in there because i was seriously like a total hysterical maniac. that was some cheap entertainment. i can't wait to drive through one of those with a screaming toddler.



i really like how snotty my baby is. mid-november, i was like, i'm not having a baby for a couple years. poof. pregnant, within 2 or 3 weeks. then about a month ago i was like, i wish i could look pregnant but these maternity clothes are just giant on me. poof! belly appeared within days. yesterday i bitched about my baby being lazy in there, and got kicked in the belly on my way to the grocery store. (and some more later! and it was really exciting!) i'll just have to be really careful, when i'm all giant and crabby, not to say "ugh, i feel like this baby is never gonna come out" unless i'm really ready, because then it will be like, "i'll show you, i'll be there in five minutes, lady."

also, yesterday my neighbor came over and asked if we could watch his kids for an hour while he went to get his brother out of jail. i couldn't think of an excuse, so we did and it was super stressful. kids are scary! they poop their pants and cut their lips open and crap.



okay, crapfest.
1 - on friday afternoon i got a call from a long-time very good customer, but the guy calling was trinidad, whom i've talked to a few times. most of the time, for the past three years, it's always tim who calls. he's really special. my dad was sitting in here, and as soon as i got off the phone with trini, i was telling him about tim and how he reminds me of eyeore with his scratchy voice and how he's eternally bummed out and every time i ask how it's going he's like "okay . . . i guess" and it's so cute! i love it. plus my dad is super-buddies with that company's owner, murray, who sends him fruit. anyway, i had to do some research for trini and call him back, so this was like an hour later and we were getting off the phone and i was like, say hi to tim for me, and he was like, he died.
2 - that night i had a dream that someone else died but i don't want to say who because that's creepy. also because i haven't talked to her since then, so she really could be dead. it troubled me.
3 - my freaking ultrasound got moved back a week and two days! i was really mad but also still just really excited. last time we got to look in there, our baby was only the size of a small strawberry. by then it will be like a giant squash or a pineapple including the green part, and almost a pound instead of almost an ounce.
4 - we're remodeling at work (mostly done) and right now the downstairs lunch room is all ripped up. if i want water, i have to go upstairs, which seems weird. i mean, i go up there a lot to go to the bathroom anyway, but it seems weird to bring my water glass into the bathroom with me. i don't know.

1 - brian got home two days early (sunday night!). okay, it was because mim got sick and lost her voice and they had to cancel the last two shows, which maybe isn't so nice, but it still made my life better so i'm counting it in the good category.
2 - my belly is growing (no kicks yet though and i'm feeling deprived).
3 - the new beck kicks my ass (partially making up for the baby not kicking my belly).
4 - qaf season 4 came out yesterday, a week earlier than i thought! we only watched two episodes so far but they were really good.

oh man, i was being all pissy but actually things are going really well, so i should just shut up when i feel like that. i even ran upstairs just now to fill my water glass and i liked it. oh yeah, i was starting to think i wasn't so sure about ephraim for a boy's name (if it's a boy which we don't know) but i decided i like it after all because when we get pissed at our baby we can call him the little f-er.


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