i am the worst blogger of all time.

i spent the weekend with my mom, and it was really fun. we shopped so much on saturday that i had to just go to sleep when we got back to her house and she had to take care of my little dog. i also got lots of playtime with maya. she's six months old now and wears a tiny hair clip. it's so cute. it's the size of my fingernail.

monday was my birthday. sam brought indian food and chocolate and some fancy beverage over, and we tried to watch nanny 911 but it wasn't meant to be. she checked out moderate home makeover, and she approved.

tonight i'm getting my hair colored and my eyebrows waxed so i can look cute when brian finally gets home (next tuesday!). i know i'm not supposed to say things like that - i'm supposed to be like "i'm doing it for me!" but that's such a crock. i would never do either of those things if not for a boy that i wanted to get jiggy with. it's hard enough to force myself to shower when brian's not here. not that i don't like making myself presentable - i usually just don't care.

after my primping appointment, amy g is coming over. we can't remember if the oc is on tonight but we love each other enough to hang out either way. amy has a complaint though. she thinks "special friends" means dirty friends, not just really good friends.

tomorrow night i'm going up to my grandma's house to visit my cousin. she has to work at 10, but i'm sleeping over anyway. camus will like playing with the other dogs.



extreme home makeover was the opposite of extreme, but it still made a big difference. the most exciting part for me was new lights! we had an ugly chandelier in the dining, uh, i mean sewing and band crap room which is replaced by this strange light with swirly colored glass. i picked a similar light for the kitchen, and the blah-but-not-ugly kitchen light replaced the broken bathroom light. we got three lamps for the livingroom, because the overhead light doesn't have a switch, only a pull chain, and i hate that. plus we never use it because it's too bright. my mom and i thought we could just get rid of it, but my dad had a really good idea - put in a fan. that was late on sunday though, so we haven't done it yet.

my brother and amy's brother put up shelves in the basement so i can keep stuff down there instead of in the baby room, which is still half-full of boxes and junk but it's a lot better. the crib is in there now too! it's not set up yet because i didn't know where i wanted it to be. this week i measured the baby room and the crib and figured out where i want it in there and how the other furniture will be in there and what size rug i want.

oh, the other exciting thing i did this week was wash my baby clothes and play with them and fold them and take inventory (like how many onesies in 0-3 months, how many footie pajamas). it was really fun to think about a little baby in them. plus i just enjoy sorting anything.

i'm going to my mom's all weekend, straight from work this afternoon.



wednesday morning me and my jeans got in a big fight. i'm now wearing maternity clothes. okay, my sweaters still fit, but they're not long enough! the pants have this stretchy part (not the giant tummy panel, just a little part by the top) that i really don't want anyone to see, and if i wear normal shirts and reach up or sit down, some of the stretchy part shows and makes me feel gross, so i have to wear the shirts too. if you can't see the stretchy part, they look like normal jeans, and i have some smaller maternity shirts from my birdlike sister-in-law so they aren't all tenty, just long and a little loose. i have pictures but i can't find the right cable so those will be up later.

yesterday i went to my baby doctor appointment without brian - he left yesterday for a 3 week tour. i took a tape recorder so brian could hear the heartbeat again, and it sounded really different this time, much more steady. plus it was 140 bpm instead of 150! i told brian we have a changling. oh yeah, and it was with a different doctor (judith johnson) that i'm gonna see while dr stank is out having her baby (any day now). dr johnson was cool. the best part was her crooked glasses. mine are crooked too. it made me feel better. next time (april 14) is the next ultrasound! it's a long one too, where they measure everything (the heart, the different chambers of the heart, the arms & legs, and um i don't know what else).

my mom gave her notice this week! she's quitting her job as of april 15. it's no coincidence that's tax day - my stepdad is an accountant (and a great one if anyone's looking) so they're leaving that night for vacation. he works like crazy from january (or even before) to tax day, so then his firm has a party april 15 every year and people do a lot of golfing and traveling the rest of the time. they're going to london to visit my mom's friend julia, who moved there this fall for her husband's job. mom is maybe going to find another job but probably just work for herself. that way she can come up here all the time! she keeps saying all this crazy stuff about how maya knows her and smiles at her and our baby isn't going to know her. now she can drive up and visit whenever she wants.

okay i gotta hit the showers.



so this thing is gonna happen this weekend. my mom had told me not to make any plans because she, amy and lindsey were going to "do something" with me - i thought this meant like a big shopping spree or something. um no. my mom finally confessed to me that they (along with a few other people) are coming over for what she called EXTREME HOME MAKEOVER. why don't you all come over and read my diary and, like, critique what i eat for a few days. don't get me wrong - it's really nice, i need the help, i'm gonna be really happy when it's over. but holy shit i am terrified. this isn't going to be like a tv show where i get all new paint, floors & furniture. it's going to be like, do you really need this? let's throw it away. what is all this crap? this is the ugliest (insert thing i love here) i have ever seen. when was the last time you cleaned this?




so yeah, i have been withholding information. here's a quick run-down of the past week's most thrilling events (good or bad).

10. brian infected me with his cold

9. i took two days off work to recover from this nastiness, but it's still here

8. after spending two days in my jammies (tuesday and wednesday to be specific), i was delighted to get back into jeans and discover that my tummy is visibly larger!

7. as of friday, i officially have to walk around with my button undone (discretely hidden behind a belt of course)

6. [i weigh myself every friday on an industrial scale in the warehouse.] this week, this boy watched and was like '1*7!' and i was all mortified like 'gee, thanks' but then he was like 'are you feeding that baby?' and i realized he wasn't announcing what a tub i am

5. then i had a panic attack

4. i noticed for the one billionth time that my dog is the bestest and cutest dog in the whole world

3. i had this dream where pat (boss lady) and i were diving for clams and she was telling me where to go and how to get them and how to pry them open with this wide, flat knife she gave me. i told her about it at work the next day. she was like 'have you ever done that before?' and i was really taken aback because i thought the dream was super crazy. i thought people dig for clams on sandy new england beaches - i didn't think you could dive for them in shallow, rocky midwestern lakes like we were in my dream. it turns out pat did this all the time when she was little with her friend sharon and she told me all about it. she can't remember any of her childhood swimsuits though. the earliest one she can remember is a sky-blue terry cloth bikini she made when she was 16.

2. i wimped out on craft group. actually, i got home from the grocery store at 2:30. by the time i remembered about crafternoon, it was 3:00 and it seemed hopeless.

1. i got my hair done.


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