someone got into my paypal account and made two large purchases yesterday. i realized this immediately, as my paypal account is connected to my visa checkcard which draws on, of course, my checking account, and i wouldn't normally spend $97 on a "new in box stainless nike d line ron analog watch" or $280 on a "super carbon safety cl 4ch r/c electric helicopter" and especially not all in the same day.

these are the notes on one of the transactions:

now i send money for you and i hope you will ship to me today thx
shipping info: le thanh trung
44 nguyen thi minh khai
vinh, na
viet nam

mm-hmm. obviously not me, so that's good. paypal will reverse the transactions . . . sometime. for now, there's nothing i can do about it. the bank won't even do anything until the transactions are complete. i don't really understand that. like, if the money hasn't changed hands, can't they stop it? apparently not. i have to wait until the money is gone (which it is, to me - i can't use it) before i can even file a claim saying i didn't make these purchases.

this person changed the email address (log-in) and password of my account, so i couldn't even get in. at first i wanted to send an email but realized i had nothing to say. well, nothing except gobble-gobble-gobble. i like tofurkey.



i have two items to discuss. oh, three.

1. yesterday was our first anniversary (third anniversary as a couple but first wedding anniversary). on our way out to dinner, we dropped off banana bread for our neighbors. they asked where we were going, and we asked for a suggestion because we hadn't decided yet. they were like, "well, we always like green mill." okay. i realize that's pretty lame for a special occasion. in fact, i would never pick green mill for any occasion - special or dreadful. however, we spent our wedding night in hawthorn suites and there was a green mill menu in our room and we ordered from there even though we had already pigged out, so it seemed like a good idea in a corny way. i'm ashamed to admit my food was awesome.

2. i'm in charge of rolls and sweet potatoes for thanksgiving. i hate marshmallow sweet potatoes. i normally just put them in tinfoil like a regular baked potato, but i wanted to do something a little yummier. if anyone has a good recipe, you can email it to me or just post it in the comments. a coworker suggested french fried sweet potatoes but i don't have a french fry cutter and i'm afraid of vats of hot oil so i doubt i'm capable of deepfry.

3. sam, can you call me?



i was describing my recent illness to someone yesterday and that special someone (okay it was political science professor craig grau so not like he's a nurse or anything) responded "are you sure it's not mono?"

i don't know what to say about that. i looked at those charts last week, those "is it a cold or the flu?" charts, and i was so perplexed. i mean, it's neither! but it's not like i have every exact symptom of mono either, so i don't know what to think.



i have discovered the joys of plastic window insulation. the main joy is the insulation installation - oh yeah! especially prancing around back and forth in front of the huge window facing the street, hopping up on that chair and then back off and up onto the other chair, with the lights on when it was dark out and with the blinds off of course. i felt silly. brian showed me the lesser joy. the lesser joy is lying in bed and poking the plastic on the window above your head and giggling. so. that's what i've been up to.



last night, or this morning really, i had the most intensely geeky experience of my life.

for some reason, i agreed to bring brian to best buy just before midnight to get halo 2. he was terrified that they would sell out and he wouldn't be able to get it today. so i was all groggy and bitchy, and just as we pulled over the hill brian caught a glimpse of the parking lot and started squealing with glee. at least 200 people were waiting outside - mostly 20-year-old boys with long, loose, fuzzy ponytails. they made me shudder. at midnight, they opened the doors and most of the people got in. maybe 40 people were still outside, anxiously waiting. i pulled up to the front of the parking lot to wait for brian and i saw that he, too, was still outside. he was all wrapped up in a conversation with some emo boy in a green zelda jacket, so he didn't see me. once he got in the store, i started watching for him to walk out. people were really giddy as they came out, with their yellow plastic bags of heaven. most guys were there with a friend or two, and some even had girlfriends with them - cute, normal girlfriends. my favorite were these two guys who walked out, looked at each other, and started screaming. they took off running for their car and i was happy just imagining the hours of fun ahead of them. oh, and more people kept coming to the store the whole time i was waiting for brian - i wonder how many copies they sold. it was all so surreal. by the time brian emerged from the store (1/2 hour later), i was neither groggy nor bitchy, but i did have really scary dreams.



oh yeah, should we do something crafty sunday afternoon?

i can't wait to watch the o.c. tonight and i totally don't care how lame that is.



i'm getting fatter, my house is getting messier, and i lost my checkbook . . . in my car. it's somewhere in my car - i lost it right in the middle of paying bills. i was not driving at the time.



since my dad was at the hospital, my brother and amy decided to wait and come up this weekend. i don't care - it just gives me another week to look forward to it. plus i really wanted to go to le tigre this saturday, but brian can't, so this way i don't feel as bad about missing that show.

saturday morning i was out driving around after dropping brian off at work and visiting my dad. i decided i really wanted my nails done - not that i care what my fingernails look like, it just feels good - so i called adeline and she said i could come in at 1:30. i had a couple of hours to waste so i went shopping (god this sounds so much girlier than i really am). by the time i got to adeline's, after running around the stores with my coat on and pulling staticky sweaters over my head a hundred times, i felt kind of gross and sweaty and, okay, i hadn't taken a shower yet. so i asked if she or derek had time to wash & dry my hair, and then i was like well you might as well color it if you have time, but if not i'll just make an appointment. they squeezed me in. i ended up spending the whole afternoon there. i converted to the church of primp. adeline even waxed my eyebrows - that has always terrified me, but i can't really say no to her. it didn't hurt, i don't know what i was so scared of. anyway, it was fabulous. that's the only word i can think of.

i'm excited to vote tomorrow. i hope i don't get punched in the back like that reporter in florida.


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