baby pinkie is real now and her name is maya jame. she was born at 11:52 friday night. i waited with my mom & stepdad, my dad & stepmom, and of course justin and amy. they started amy on the drugs early in the morning, but had to stop, wait and restart a couple times because the contractions were too strong and they made mama & baby's blood pressure drop.

we started to think she wouldn't be born until the next morning. mom & john were thinking about going home to sleep, but then my brother ran into the waiting room around 10:30 and said "you might wanna wait!" around 11 we got anxious and went to see if we could hear anything through the door. all five of us were just staring at each other and smiling like dorks. we could hear amy laughing in between pushes.

as soon as maya was born my mom started to cry. we heard the doctor telling my brother how to cut the umbilical cord. when they had her all wrapped up, we went into the room. amy and justin were so happy and quiet. maya was wide awake and sweet. everyone held her. amy told her mom over the phone that she has to pluck her baby, because she's like a furry little monkey.

i slept at justin & amy's house with their two dogs and two cats, who were lonely for their family. the next day we took turns visiting amy and maya at the hospital, and i felt really special when i was sent back to their house for velcro baby hair bows. we sat around and talked, but whoever was holding maya would just stare at her and not hear anything else that was happening in the room. we're all totally in love.



okay, also:

ann marie's birthday is coming up really soon. party plans will be announced monday 9/27.

pat nelson gave us an awesome old wurlitzer piano which needs a new power cord. even without plugging it in, you can hear the tone if you strike the key hard enough. i'm so thankful. i must call him.

brian got to make his version of a low song (off the new album) possibly to be released as a single on subpop. i got to help. i hope all of that isn't a secret or something.

and another thing about ann marie - she ruled last night at "let's stay up a little later." (and lindquist's very wrong humor made me really happy. he's so inappropriate.)

baby pinkie will be born today! amy spent the night at the hospital getting ready. they are inducing labor this morning.

my mother has been calling me with constant updates. last night she emailed two pictures of justin and amy at the hospital, and at 6:30 this morning she sent an email to amy's mom, my dad, me, chris and jeanine telling everyone what's going on. the monitors showed amy and pinkie are both doing fine.

dad is going down to the cities at 1pm so he can see her right away. i have to wait until after work, but i'm spending the night at the bacons' house with their dogs tonight. amy is very worried the puppies won't get enough love while she's at the hospital. she made justin sleep at home last night so they wouldn't be lonely, although "sleep" is probably not the right word.

today i will get to meet baby pinkie and find out her real name!



i want a puppy!



everything is up & down - doesn't fate know i love boredom? and nothing is intense - it's just like: yeah, this is fun! oh, this sucks . . .
to use mccormick-ring terminology, it's all medium-good and medium-bad.

amy g & i had a sleepover at my dad's house saturday night, to babysit my step-brother brendan. we played bocce ball all over the lawn (and in the weeds a little), pigged out and watched television, played guesstures (or our version of it!) and folded paper cranes.

the next morning my tire was flat, but my dad fixed it. i hurried home to take brian to urgent car for a very sore and swollen foot. they took x-rays, ignored his orange toenails i had painted the day before, and just basically took their sweet time about it. the results - torn tissue, take some advil and use these crutches. if it doesn't get better, it could be a hairline fracture. i found out later that they offered him an air cast, but he said no! i'm pissed about that. that afternoon my fixed tire popped and i had to get someone to change it. no, i've never changed my own tire. yes, i know how. i'm scared of getting hit by a crazy driver!

mat & ang stopped over for a bit last night after visiting their future puppies. i loved hearing about them and i can't wait to see them, but they're still too tiny to bring home. it was also really fun to talk to angie because whenever i see her we're surrounded by loud amps and we never get to talk.

so . . . notice the lack of homework and unpacking? i haven't done any of the things i need to.



okay. okay. okay-okay. when my brain becomes hyperactive, normal function ceases. i've already double-booked myself for dinner tonight. brian, my little sick-patient at home, is baking bread and stewing tomatoes, and i'm supposed to eat pizza luce with amy when we get together to make paper cranes later on. plus i have hours of homework to do tonight, plus errands and stuff i'd like to do but probably can't. i want nap time. i want kindergarten.



our power is going out from 1-4 at the office - no phone, no computer, no lights in my windowless office. i'm going to spend the whole afternoon shopping and crafting!

school starts tuesday. i'm scared. i'm also trying to decide whether to make my 11 hour tuesday a 14 hour tuesday by working 7-9:30 in the morning, or just sleep in. i've got school from 10-12, work from 12:30-4, school from 4:30-8:40 . . . i think i'll sleep in.

it's my dad's birthday today. he's going on a trip but he doesn't know where - he's driving and lindsey's giving him directions. i hope they're going to the badlands. that's what i'd pick right now for a road trip.

i hope baby pinkie is born soon, but i better get started on all the sewing and knitting i wanted to do for her.

i love september!


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