that's right. i got another flat tire while going over the bridge. this time i was going up, from hammond. i heard it right away but i had to keep going until i could pull over to the shoulder (past the on-ramp). i didn't have my cell phone. my mom had called me at home, and i left the phone on the table. i couldn't drive slow on the shoulder because there is no shoulder at the top of the bridge (luckily i already knew this), and i wasn't going to drive slow in the regular lane and have someone come over the bridge at 60 mph and rear-end me.

i walked down to the spur, about 1/2 mile. i didn't think it would be quite that far, but it was. every time a semi drives over the bridge, even on the other side, the whole thing quivers. i was getting dizzy trying not to look over the side or at oncoming traffic. as i got closer to the ramp, the shoulder narrowed until it basically disappeared, but by then i could hop over, down onto the grass. i still had to cross the ramp, but it wasn't too busy. when i was crossing the regular street (5th?), someone honked at me to get out of the crosswalk. jerk. i got to the spur payphone and called my insurance company's 800-number for roadside assistance. what's the freaking point of that? of calling someone in an office a zillion miles away and asking her to get me a tire change or a tow truck. for christ's sake. well, i guess because that way i don't have to pay for it. and no, they can't pick me up, i have to go back to my car and wait there. so, i feel kind of wimpy about this now, but i called the superior pd and asked for a ride. i wasn't going to walk up there with my back to traffic. it was scary enough walking down, seeing that the cars were politely getting in the left lane so as not to make me cry. thank you drivers. anyway, the officer that brought me up there was like "i'm not waiting an hour for a tow truck when it'll take me five minutes to change it myself," and he did. awesome. so when i got home i called to cancel the roadside assistance. before i got to the cancel option, a recording told me the wait was only 70 more minutes. thank goodness for impatient cops. yay!



snip, snip.  stitch, stitch, stitch.   i feel very frisky today in a shirt i made wednesday night.  i followed lekkner's pillowcase top instructions but just used fabric, not a pillowcase.  i used special fabric i got at a garage sale with my grandma when i was maybe 14 or 15 - it's red with 70s colors of fruit all over it, but it's made to look like the fruit (pears and lemons?) are stitched on from patterned fabric, so it has lots of different prints on it. 

aside from that, i rammed my lower back against the tub faucet this morning, leaving a big mark, or temporary tattoo, as i like to think of it.  i also found out that my step-brother will get to take his scheduled military leave from kuwait in august after all (there was rumor he may be stuck there because of not enough flights out) but it will be cut a little bit short - still happy!  and i'm recovering from a cold. 

ann marie, when are you coming to dinner?

sam, are we still speaking after my creepy phone message about snuggling with your jacket and accidentally infecting it with my cold?

anyone else . . . is there anyone else?






this upcoming sunday i am making a pilgrimage to the new twin cities ikea store with sam, amy g, and tricia. i can't wait! plus it will be the first big trip in the cute subaru forester i got monday. plus my brother and his wife amy will be at my mother's house, and amy wants to go shopping with us. they're in town to check out the house they just bought. that's right, justin and amy are moving here in august. it's more excitement than i can stand.



we bought a house and it looks just like x the owl from the land of makebelieve.

it's a little blue house in denfeld. brian hasn't been inside it yet - we made the offer without him even seeing it from the outside. he just wanted to know if it had a basement. i said yes, he was happy, i made an offer. we get to move in the last weekend of august. tonight we're going there for the inspection, and i'm really excited for brian to see it. i hope he likes it as much as i do. the only thing is, he loves to vacuum. it has no carpet. i promised him we'll get some big area rugs.

brian has allergies and i desperately want a pet. he has said all along that he'll get a hairless cat, but he finally said he would get a dog - only if it's a pug! i don't know why. he said they're so cute that he won't get mad when it wrecks stuff. this is so bizarre because mat m just posted almost the exact same story (he & angie are getting a house . . . and a pug) along with a freakishly cute picture of brian.

i feel like such a follower.


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