freakin' ups. they lost amy g's birthday present.

commoners have no immediate way to complain when it comes to ups - you can't call, you can't physically go talk to someone - but since i had it shipped to work and we do a lot of business with them, i have a sneaky phone number. i called and they're doing an "investigation" which required me to describe, in detail, the contents of the package. now, clearly, this is not a business purchase for a manufacturing company. they're investigating, anyway.

luckily, i have thrift store presents for her too. i found a half-embroidered pillow case at the salvation army which i'm finishing. it has two bluebirds on flowering branches and says "hers" on it. the other one is a tea cup i found at the goodwill with sam last week. an attempted description could not do it justice, so i will just say it is the best tea cup in all creation and if you want to see it you'll have to go to amy's party tomorrow night.

1422 e 3rd st (the building is kensington)
go in the middle door, then up the stairs, and it's the door on the left



i'm home after so very much fun. favorite parts: laser tag, nature, and watching my grandparents find out the motor home my dad drove to the wedding is theirs. torture: mean bridesmaids, cold showers, and my first real (as in blisters and exhaustion) sunburn.

i just want to say i kicked ass at laser tag. in no way does that mean i kicked anyone else's ass - only that i enjoyed a group physical activity without feeling clumsy and embarrassed. probably the darkness and the sneaky/hiding aspects had something to do with that.

the place where i stayed (where my cousin got married and where her family lives) is so beautiful - gold grassy hills, pine tree-covered mountains and a long green valley full of goats and horses and chickens and cows. i also saw deer and a bobcat. plus there were dogs everywhere and they all needed scratching and petting and playing.

anyway, it's good to be home. i'll settle for duluth, with its bunnies and birds and deer and a few stray cats (and i even saw a mommy and baby beaver waiting to cross i-35 last week), because i don't think i can live in a world without reassuring noises and lights telling me i'm not alone.



damn that shawl! damn that shawl to hell!

okay, it's going fine and i think it will be pretty . . . if i can finish it.

i'm super excited for the found party. it's almost overshadowing the excitement of my trip! i have two finds to donate:
1. a sewing label with a campy drawing of a little boy - i think it's from an iron-on patch to fix jeans. i found this tucked into a heloise (as in "hints from heloise") book i bought for amy g at the goodwill.
2. bizarre poetry/lyrics written on the back of an hdc phychiatrist's card, with appointment date and time written on it as well. i found this on the sidewalk right outside my door.

so, i leave tomorrow morning and return monday afternoon. goodbye!



once again, crew jones are such lovely and accommodating hosts. they had us over for a big crazy dinner last night, complete with vegan chocolate cake. it was supposed to be craft night as well, but tricia and i were the only ones crafting. ann marie had to hit the hay, and once david livingston showed up, the boys were only interested in smoking and drinking and telling awful stories and laughing. of course, tricia and i are capable of crafting at the same time as all that (but not smoking).

i've started (and almost finished) knitting a fluffy yellow head kerchief as practice for a shawl i want to knit next week to wear at my cousin's wedding. it's the same pattern. you start at the point of the triangle and keep going - so it's whatever size you choose. i leave for my cousin's wedding early thursday morning (6/17) and i'm becoming very melty-feeling about it. the wedding will be outdoors at her parents' farm (or in the newly built barn in case of rain). the summer i was twelve, i spent a month there with my cousin cortney (we grew up together here in mn) and my cousin allison (the bride). we took turns feeding sheep and chickens and helping in the garden, and we hiked and played and hung laundry on the line, out in the woods and hills in northeast washington. i'm getting very dreamy about all of it, and on the wedding night, cortney and i will run off alone to camp.



last night i drove south with my true love to be blessed by mt eerie. the temperature rose 25 degrees in that 150 miles, from sweater to shirt to t-shirt. we followed phil elvrum into the triple rock and he looked at us over his shoulder like a spooked cat. later we found out it was because he opened the door onto his toe.

we stood around in discomfort, surrounded by clever-looking teenagers and bored-looking big kids smoking one cigarette after another, for an entire awful set by a band whose name i don't know. i was glad we missed the first band.

after that, we bought a 2005 calendar made by phil and his brother. it's called "fancy people adventures" and it's a daily calendar, so i get to look at something cheerful every day next year.

next up was woelv. she was amazing. i knew from a recent k newsletter that genvieve and phil are married. she is french canadian. even though she was very happy, the only way i can think to describe her singing is as howling and crying. her record comes out thursday. bliss. and how lucky for two bands to tour together so lightly - just two people, one guitar, one amp - but tons of records & cds and other stuff like that.

mt eerie was so very wonderful, and it felt like being in on a secret. we ran out the door as soon as he stopped and drove north into huge clouds and lightning. i guess the only other thing i can think of to tell is that i wish all this had happened in my own city with everyone else i love and not just the one of you.

i miss sam, i miss sam, i miss sam.



after the party i had a lovely lazy weekend, but amy ring did not. not lazy, anyway. after much effort, a few popped blood vessels, no cigarettes, plenty of drugs, sweat and not a single swear word . . .

kylie mae parker was born
monday may 31, 5:50 pm
6 pounds, 9 ounces
19 inches long
with black eyes and thick black hair

i got to visit yesterday. amy was chatty and in a good mood even though she didn't feel good. her feet are so swollen i don't know how she can walk on them. she was very proud of not swearing during labor. kylie was awake and looking around all over and being very quiet. she looked like a caterpillar all bundled up in her blanket. she also looks just like josh, who couldn't take his eyes off her. baby and mama go home today, and amy said she's looking forward to it because, at the hospital, it doesn't seem real.


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