ooh, pretty-pretty.

did you know pickled turnips exist? i did not. they are hot pink. not naturally, of course, but what's so great about natural? these crap-kabobs are going to be so fabulous. i've got the turnips, pickles, artichoke hearts, peppers, and three kinds of olives. i also bought a big tub of mixed nuts. it seemed like the right thing to do.

this morning i learned a new recipe. my coworker (sometimes referred to by a different, meaner coworker as "drunk-by-noon") told me this is a really yummy summer drink. he called it strip-and-go-naked, but said it is also called an ethel, so that's the name i'm going with.

1 can frozen pink lemonade
1.5 cans (measured into the pink lemonade can) gin
1.5 cans beer (any beer, he said leinie's, my beer of choice, will work)
mix in a pitcher and serve in tall tumblers over ice

he swears this is very yummy even though it sounds awful. he said the beer makes it fizzy and takes the edge of the gin. i'm going to try it, but not tonight. tonight it's gin punch!



pajama party plans are in full swing! we will drink gin punch!



woohoo! i don't think anything scary happened yesterday.

today i'm quite excited for my all-girl pajama party sleep-over on friday. if you're a girl and you like me, come over. if you're a boy or you don't like me, don't bother! i'm making jammies from a super cute pattern copyrighted in 1967. i am going to invite my new neighbor, although i'm not sure why she would actually sleep over when she lives down the hall. she can at least meet lots of other girls though.

brian really loves the stuffed kitty i made sunday and wants to make a whole series together for a luce art installation.



today has been so bizarre, and it's only 12:30.

i woke up to the awful smell of a burrito that cooked in the oven all night. i have forgotten, for several days now, to buy a 9 volt for our smoke detector. this was quite the reminder.

on the way to work i stopped at the gas station for water and animal crackers and ginger ale, to settle my queasy stomach. i opened the ginger ale, and it was flat.

after a very cheerful morning of emails from my parents and gossiping with my boss, i left for lunch. i was in a super good mood. on the way home, i heard two songs i've heard a thousand times, only they were slightly different from how they normally sound. in the first one it was the vocal line on the chorus and in the second it was the lead guitar. i realize this sounds crazy. i don't flippin' care.

i also got a burrito meal from taco john's for brian on my way home. when the guy handed me the dr pepper it went all over, through the straw slits. obviously, when they fill the cup too full and you kind of squeeze it a little, pop comes out onto the lid. i've had this happen before. this is not what happened - it was gushing all over my car. it was totally possessed. luckily i save fast food napkins in the glove box. i had tons, and i needed all of them.

by the time i got to my house i had completely freaked myself out. i was like "this is what happens to you on the day you die - you get really happy and delusional" and my heart was pounding. when i got back to work, i listened to my voicemail from while i was out. i have a message left at 11:30 (right when i was most scared) of a woman's voice saying "hello?" - so i think i escaped death today, that was her on the phone. apparently she doesn't understand how voicemail works. i even say right in my greeting that she could press 0 and have me paged. what a dingbat. i can evade her forever if i want to.



ah! that is driving me crazy. the 5/17 post. i started writing like one sentence of it on monday, so it says i posted it monday, but it really was today (wednesday). i just wanted to clarify.

working fulltime again is awesome by the way.



sunday we went to the crew jones house again, this time to record. they have a beautiful pink 'e' flag out front, just like the 't' flag in royal tennenbaums. the house is so tall and crazy - i really love the two red kitchen sinks.

sean & tricia (and maybe ben) are coming over for dinner tomorrow. i'm going to try to make a banana cream pie, which bewilders tricia because dessert is her thing.

tonight my mother is coming to visit and i'm going to test drive cars. we need something to haul gear, i want a grocery-getter, and my old car is a piece of crap. yippee! new car!

oh, i forgot to say i'm excited for sean & tricia to go through my fabric collection and take some, and i can't wait to see sam's fabricky goodness . . . sam? do you still exist?



scream! finals week!

my only consolation is craft night at the crew jones house. i would be counting the minutes, but i don't actually know what time it will be. i think i'll make this zipper pillow or some variation.



homegrown. so special.

i missed most of it because i was out of town, but i came back for saturday night. i spent the first half of the night running back and forth between the mac and norman's (for beer, no bands there of course). saw words to a film score, the keep aways, jackie and the rip-offs, and the first couple songs of virgin marcus. i wish i lived in the mac. the no-booze thing really isn't a problem, since all of duluth is speckled with bars. i would like to know the greatest distance between two bars within city limits and how long it takes to stumble between them.

after the lovely mac, we headed to the brewhouse for haley. i had a glass of the homegrown brew because it seemed wrong not to. it was delicious after drinking premium at norman's. i relished haley's all-organ set, and i had an endless supply of good people to say hello to. i love that.

when she finished up we scrambled over to the shor for father hennepin. i'm sure we were there for at least 4 or 5 songs, but we left early. i don't know why. i think we were out of cash after shelling out $3.25 for leinie's cans - what the hell was that all about? they cost a normal person 50-75 cents, so it's got to be like 10 cents for a bar. yet we went along with it, until we ran out of money.

we went to our place (right across the alley) and the boys (b. & sean of crew jones) had yet another beer. then we headed up to mindy's, supposedly for a kegger. the lights were out and someone was sleeping on the couch. i think the girls were probably still out on the town.

we went down to luce to find sean's ride back to superior, and i'm glad we did. it was a good end to the night, with everyone so cheerful and rosy-cheeked. i spent sunday wandering around town in a blissful daze. i love homegrown.

my weekend was so awesome! nothing can shake my happy. i'm even happy to be at work right now (on my lunch hour of course).

my mom and i had so much fun. even though i was there 48 hours (way longer than my usual visits) we could have spent another 48 hours together and not done everything we planned to. we didn't even get around to our garage sale. at least i unloaded 7 years of martha stewart living out of my trunk and into her garage.

on friday we got a call from my brother - it's a girl! i'm looking forward to a long summer of sewing, crocheting, knitting and buying tiny girlie presents. mom and i went shopping immediately.

yesterday we spent some time with brian's family. his sister's baby is due the end of the month but she thinks she'll go in to labor any second. she's such a tiny girl, and her tummy is huge and hard and glorious. i can't wait.



i can't even describe the dancey goodness crew jones laid on the table for our homegrown split. i will listen to this cd every freakin' day.

plus it's going to be so cute, on 3" cds in tiny felt cases with buttons. i sewed all the buttons on the cases last night - that was the bulk of the work for the packaging. today i just have to sew the sides of the cases shut. the most time-consuming part will be switching the thread every few cases, because i want them all to be different.

i'm a little bummed that i'm not playing on it. our recording will be finished up today while i'm at work, and then i think brian & paul will burn the cds tonight for the shows tomorrow. but i'm still excited about it - i can't wait to hear the stuff brian & jesse record. plus i got to do the sleeves: homesewn for homegrown!



i had way too much fun at the molly raimo benefit show. $4 pitchers of booze in pretty colors, boys and girls i love, rockin' bands. we kicked the sports garden's ass. however, i am never going there again. too many boobies.

i was super psyched yesterday to find out about jonathan & anna's new home. i did the drive-by, and it's beautiful. they have already promised to invite me for croquet.

tomorrow after work i'm driving to my mumsie's house to help her recover from a little surgery. i got her a hanging basket of fuschias for mother's day, and i think she'll be really happy. they'll remind her of her mom. i hope they're the kind that open up with the purple bubble inside, not plain old pink. she and i are having a garage sale friday.

i think i'll come back up saturday afternoon to catch some of the bands at the mac, then make a mad dash to the shor for fat.hen. before stumbling through the alley to collapse in my bed.

sunday's going to be rough, finishing up all my projects & studying before finals week. i can't wait for summer! yippee!



oh, so much has happened with cedar sapling. it's gone election-style: the first sunday after the first saturday of august, to avoid the holiday falling on the first of the month, as it would this year. good grief.

brian, in his charismatic evil leader way, has taken over what has now become c s fest. it's on friday/saturday night (august 6 & 7) and is a completely separate beast from my little nesting-instict, let's-build-a-future-here-for-ourselves-and-our-scene summer picnic. not that the goal clashes with that ideal: it's hopefully going to be a mac fundraiser. but we have to ask the mac.

on a total spaz note: brian told me the other night about calvin johnson playing at the mac, and i started crying. luckily, we were at home, in our own kitchen. why i feel the need to tell people this, i don't know. but people, it's calvin. did you see the ripsaw ad? did you? stick him in a bubble car, because he's the most heavenly mortal we've got.

the topic came up at pdd of settling down in duluth, but i didn't want to post the whole messy thing over there. i'll spill my guts on my own turf.

i lived in and around duluth until i was in the first grade. after moving to the cities, we always visited 2 or 3 times a year for family get-togethers, so duluth & i never fell out of love.

the summer i was 16, my job was to live with my grandpa in minnetonka, to make sure he ate good food and took pills and shaved and got on the bus to the senior center. i mostly stayed in the basement, making a skirt from my grandpa's old ties and taping my favorite songs from radio k. that was about all i could do - i went to a church school an hour away, so i didn't know kids who lived by me, i was scared to drive on the freeway, and i wasn't allowed to go to minneapolis without my mom or big brother.

my favorite bands then were sleater kinney, sonic youth, dub narcotic, bikini kill, and probably some more embarrassing stuff i don't want to admit - but all bands you'd expect a 16-year-old girl to be into. somehow, in the middle of all that freaking out and jumping around (because that's how i danced then and that's how i dance now), low crept in and became my most-obsessed-over band. the song was 'the plan' from 'curtain hits the cast.' i made a tape of them playing and talking in radio k's studio (i mean, they were there, i was in the basement). they jokingly warned people not to come to duluth. i started to think about that moment of coming down over the hill, and everything else i love about duluth, and i was like, "if they're from there, it has to be cool." and that was it - here i am. dorky, huh?

p.s. i don't know whether the tape still exists, but i never threw it out. i know the bulk of the interview is taped over, but i think i still have little snippets of talking between the songs, including 'peggy sue' 'small words' and 'moving day.' i hope all this doesn't result in a restraining order.


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