our dinner party was awesome, but i was sad a couple people couldn't make it. we still managed to eat everything except a doggie bag i made for tricia (because she had to stay home and bake). my favorite parts of the dinner were pineapple and wine.

the night broke down into card games and records and planning art projects and reading out loud. it made me excited to be in our own house someday so we can have more people over more often. ooh! i forgot, and that reminded me. i announced my new holiday last night: cedar sapling. it's the first sunday of august, and hopefully by then we'll be in our own house, and we'll plant a cedar and take our pictures by it and have a party of lawn sports and outdoor cooking. we'll have paper garlands of birds in bright colors, and only bands we really love will play (that part was added last night by the men).



okay, here are the craft night pictures.

it never ends today. i will continue to post one topic after another because sam chided me for not posting.

the saturday night shows:

i got back from my mom's house saturday around 9pm and we went straight to twin ports brewery to see fair weather friend. it was their best performance, and i've seen a zillion of them. i really loved the last two songs, which i think were new, but the best part of the show was their rework of call off the siege. it's a classic of theirs which i've always enjoyed, but how many times can i hear it the same freakin' way?

oh, i actually forgot until now that they were falling off from each other throughout the show. i didn't care. it was still the best. jonathan was all freaked out and shiny and spastic. kollman was much more volatile than usual - i mean, he always kicks the drums' collective ass but seems inwardly peaceful. this time he seemed very agitated. and although matt still had that ever-present, unbelievably mellow half-smile on his face like he's gently playing the harp after a three-hour foot rub and a big bowl of chocolate pudding, the bass was intense.

so, i felt super guilty about ditching before words to a film score played, but we had to catch crew jones at the mac to firm up some dinner plans for tomorrow night. we missed most of their set, but what we saw was good.

ann marie made me dance. did i mention it was a sober evening? so that was awkward. i wasn't going to refuse though, because i know plenty of times i've been the only one (or first one) in front, and it sucks when no one will stand up front with you. not that no one else was dancing, but i wasn't going to just stay in back and make her walk back up to the front alone like a reject. she is way too thoughtful and way too foxy to deserve that kind of treatment.

this was my first time being at the mac. i loved it. the red-and-white floor rules my life - i think i'll steal that idea when i have my own house.

anyway, the crew jones boys, tricia the bakeress/superknitter, ann marie and sam are coming to dinner tomorrow night. we're making the ring family classic - bombay biscuits. the girls are wearing dresses, so i'm using the occasion to debut the skirt sam made for me, which she has been referring to as my prize. i wonder what contest i won. i hope it was the favorite friend contest. she gave it to me at her house monday, when we baked potato bread and drank beer and played uno. i fell asleep on the couch around 10 because i'm no rock&roll fun.

i have never met anyone who feeds off other people's approval/affection/encouragement/not-hating-me more than i do. it makes me feel really lame and desperate-sounding to admit that, but i'll get over it because i just had the most thrilling moment.

my all time best teacher ever, catherine winter, emailed all journalism students to see if they would take a broadcast class if offered during the summer since the fall class is full and people are bummed. i emailed back that i'm already in the fall class and couldn't switch to summer, and i p.s.ed about the starfire answering machine tape story. she wrote this back:

"marisa, i'm so pleased you're in the class, and i think the story idea rocks."

so, that was the moment - getting that email. i wanted to forward it to starfire, but i don't know his email address so i forwarded it to myself (to a different address). now, that doesn't sound desperate. it just is.

another show: ours. i wasn't there (friday 4/23 with if thousands and sleep farmer). i was at my mom's recording piano on the tape four-track. jesse also wasn't there, i don't remember why, and brian had to deal with a major gear breakdown all alone.

we also had to cancel our friday 4/30 show because of it, but fair weather friend is taking our place, so who can complain? i guess mark oberg can complain because he did a story for the reader and now we don't have a show this week after all. i haven't seen the story yet, so maybe they caught it in time.

i have to get a new-old drum machine (not to be the drummer but to run the sampler) but i don't think i can get to the store today because of course it's wednesday again. i ordered a delay pedal for brian and we'll have it friday. hopefully a week is long enough to get ready for homegrown.

don't know if i'll be at that show either. mommy's getting new boobies thursday, so we're having a garage sale the next day (friday 5/7) since all she will be able to do is sit around. i love garage sales and don't want to ditch my mom, but maybe i could leave early enough to play homegrown. i had so much fun last year at r.t.'s. this year i think we're at the mac, which is double exciting. it's really bad that i don't actually know. what a loser.

oh, so many things have happened and i've been very bad with all the not posting.

a million years ago (like 2 weeks ago maybe) i went to see the new band of tony, patrick, chris, and tony's brother at the twin ports brewery. it was awesome. i was a little bit afraid i wouldn't love it, but i did. sadly, we left before they quit playing. it was a wednesday, and i had started work at 7 in the morning & got home from school at 9 at night. we headed to their show right away and got there before they started, but by 11, it was sleepy time for me.

anyway, i already knew tony & pat were good guitar players but i was impressed with both of them on vocals and they are good at taking turns. whittier was his usual charmingly drunk self, and tony's brother (i'm sorry i don't know his name) is a good drummer. more shows later.




tonight i'm meeting sam for the how-many-geeks-can-we-fit-in-this-car geekprom publicity stunt. we'll have a little time to kill beforehand, so we will run over to the goodwill first since it's close by. not that we need an excuse.

okay, this is really exciting. last night starfire agreed to be interviewed for a radio feature on his answering machine tape collection. i'm really looking forward to it. i'm a tiny bit nervous since this is my first radio piece, but i've done plenty of other reporting, published and unpublished. also, even though we're friendly, we have never hung out so i think everything will flow naturally, not like on crappy talk shows when the hosts ask questions as if they don't already know and celebrities give well-rehearsed answers. gross.

paul came over last night to help build the light table (for screen printing), but, um, i suck. i did the shopping in one overwhelming weekend morning, going from daugherty's to menards to some crazy light store until i finally crumbled and went to home depot. the fixtures i bought are meant to be wired directly into the ceiling - no power cords - so i have to go back to the dreaded plywood-filled warehouses to find the right thing. plywood grosses me out to no end.



sigh. for some reason i thought it was a good idea to post stuff late at night (well, late to me) after a few beverages, and i put up the craft night pictures at pdd.
i think later this week i'll get them up on another site i'm doing for a class and then i'll link to them.



happy, happy, happy

tonight is craft night at shanna & mindy's house

hmm . . . maybe i will try a new trick. i think i should take some pictures at craft night and see if i can figure out how to post them. that will be my goal for tomorrow!



sunday was a perfect duluth day.

sam picked me up for breakfast and we went to the chester creek cafe. it was so yummy. i saw molina, whom i hadn't seen since i heard their super sweet baby news from kyle in the bathroom at school, so i was glad to get to congratulate him.

i rode with sam all the way to the blue heron (where she works) listening to this old cd of khaela, oh, which i guess i mentioned before, and then walked home listening to it. on the way home, i saw nick & starfire walking to pizza luce for sunday brunch, which will be relevant later.

i napped and watched frontier house with brian, then we did old married couple things like grocery shopping, and then to mark's barbecue (super fun), but i had to leave early to meet with a research group for school.

since i was on campus, i stopped at the library, and i read starfire's post about finding the baby picture while walking to luce and how he might submit it to found magazine. i wanted to check out their website, but had to run home for my date to listen to this american life with brian . . . and heard about found again! then the show ended with a low song. could life get any sweeter?

so then yesterday i picked up found from sunhillow, along with modern drunkard for my boss pat, who has recently had surgery and could use some uplifting reading material. by the time i got home from pat's house and homework at the library again, i was much to tired to look at the magazine, so i want to go home now (from work) and read it.



i got new hair today. partially pink, or what adeline calls orange.

i also just received in the mail 'look for it in the sky it will always be there' (khaela maricich of the blow/get the hell out of the way of the volcano).
let me start by saying it is a burned cd with a crappy stick-on label, a black photocopy on cheap white paper for the insert, a dirty old cd case. i love it so much. i have to limit my exposure to it so i don't walk around crying all the time. my favorite lyrics from it so far are:
'baa-baa black sheep, have you any wool? yes, dear, yes, you know the fridge is always full for you'
'i'll cut out punctuation paperdolls and stick them in my hair to show how little i care'
i hope those don't sound all high-school and meaningless when you're only reading them and not hearing them. sigh.
sam and i are having breakfast together tomorrow so she can hear it.

the thrifting and crafting today with amy g: excellent. a full 12 hours of fun.



oh. man.
super busy week.

the main excitement has been finding out about my sister-in-law's baby shower, which is coming up in only two weeks. i have two sisters-in-law, both named amy, both pregnant. so psyched. anyway, i went shopping last night for amy ring's shower presents and could barely control myself. everything is so tiny that i just wanted to keep picking out more things. it's mostly clothes and bath crap following her rubber ducky theme, but i got a package of little hangers and i'm going to make fluffy pom-poms for all of them.

i also got craft supplies last night for me & amy g to play with tomorrow morning after our thriftstravaganza, before our lunch date and my cut & color at adeline's.


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