so last night when i got home from work there was a sign on the door telling me to knock and wait.

brian answered the door with flowers. he had a picnic set up on the livingroom floor with chinese take-out and a candle and the supergeek present: a library system for lending things to friends. it's supposed to be for music, but i think he knows i'm too much of a spaz about that to actually stick the card holders permanently onto the back of an lp or something, so i'm using it for books. i've always wanted to be a librarian. i knew ahead of time that i was getting this present, but it's way cooler now that i've seen it. i even get "do not circulate" stickers for my favorite books, a stubby white pencil, a date stamp with a white plastic handle . . . i'm in nerd heaven.

today up to this point: school, work, homework . . . at work i got a package from my brother and sister-in-law with a 1000-piece puzzle & some thift-store clothes and other treats. i was forced by their cute thift finds to stop at the goodwill on my way home. luck struck - i found a turtle pot which is the twin of an owl pot i found there months ago. they are white with bulbous green parts and they love each other.

later tonight: cleaning & practice. i need to get friendly with that bass.



okay so yesterday was my birthday and i really love everyone that came to my party (and lots of other people who didn't).

i'm especially touched that mary tennis came and bowled and wore her red-and-white leotard . . . except she is a liar. she said she sucks at bowling, so we got a lane with bumpers and she beat me like a champ. (she could have just beat me like a sucky bowler, because i'm a super sucky bowler.)

these are the awesome presents i got, in no particular order:
a book all about bowling (like with campy 50s photos), from amy g
a little mosaic lamp and a yummy treat, from jamie & ezra
a crazy chinese opera (video) i had seen in a class, from paul & sam (plus my super cool christmas present from sam)
an old disney teenager novel featuring beautiful line drawings of annette funicello in a swimsuit, from mary
a plastic horse stolen from mary's house, from mateo
a rainbow belt, a ymca t-shirt, and a really special hair clip, from jonathan & anna
tons of records & a library system for letting friends borrow books, from brian

now i kind of feel like a jerk because i'm sure i forgot something, and the plastic horse and annette book were also from ann marie & carolyn, but mary actually handed me the book and mateo handed me the horse. those four also gave me flowers.

happy birthday to this blog.


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